We are leaders in the production of renewable energy in Brazil. A dynamic Company, in tune with the present time and with eyes turned into the future. With expertise and the sustainable use of resources, we are a unique Company for its close and modern way of thinking and generating energy. Commitment with the development of Brazil and the conviction that clean energy is crucial for the next generations are our drivers.

Our achievements and feats in 2016 – described in detail in our Annual Report and summarized in this special edition- allow us to look at the future of the renewable energy sector and the Company with optimism. And, in order to achieve our objectives, we promote internal programs and actions that benefit employees through training and the encouragement of entrepreneurship, in addition to other measures favorable to professional and personal growth.

We dedicate ourselves to the conscious practice of sustainable development, and we also seek to add harmony to our labor relations and the coexistence with the external public in a transparent and ethical manner. Our contact with the surrounding communities in the areas selected for the implementation of our projects, as well as with environmental entities, government agencies, the media and society at large has been this way. This, combined with an acknowledged technical performance in the construction of assets delivered with the promised speed within budget, has earned us a spotless reputation in the market and among all our stakeholders.