Our governance structure is based on transparency, fairness, accountability and corporate responsibility. These four macro principles, coupled with a clear policy based on the priority subjects for the business, clearly show the guidelines and respect for our audience relations, guaranteeing an adequate performance management through the measurement of indicators and bringing value to the business.

We are a publicly Company belonging to category “A” of the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM)1 and are listed on the BM&F Bovespa New Market2 . Our governance structure is made up of a Board of Directors with 17 members (nine permanent members and eight substitute members), a Fiscal Council with six members (three permanent members and three substitute members) and a six-member Executive Board elected by the Board of Directors.

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12 meetings took place in 2016, six of them face-to-face.
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Transparency and Ethics

Our team, suppliers and partners, and the Company’s shareholders are all committed to practices and behaviors that maintain an ethical, transparent and sustainable business environment. We have recently launched a new Code of Ethical Conduct and reflection on this topic has been encouraged in workshops, training activities and frequent discussions in our internal meetings. To learn more about our work on ethics in our relations, visit our website:
> Governance > Bylaws, Codes and Policies.